The Bay – Trendsetter in The Bahamas !

the bay womanthe bay woman 2

The Bay International located in the heart of downtown Nasaau, Prince George Plaza has some “sizzling” outfits for the discriminating ladies. It is definitely one of the more trendy stores in The Bahamas. Mr. Munroe has succeeded in bringing a distinctively Euro-American flavor to the Islands of The Bahamas. The ladies will be drawn to the cutting edge style and flavor and the “one of a kind” outfits – Ladies you will not see your particular outfit on anyone else !

The Bay manthe bay man 2

The Bay International has definitely not forgotten the men. Just walk into the store and you will see a wide array of quality linen shirts and pants, along with “eye catching” business suits. The colors are conducive to island living – some soft, some bold ! Reggie takes pride in personally selecting his clothing. His personal style is reflected in the clothing he selects. Fellas – you will definitely be complimented when wearing fine clothing from The Bay International !

Elise and friends formal Simone and Elise

The Bay International even has the endorsement of Reggie’s two Beautiful Nieces, Simone and Elise Munroe (above). They have sent their endorsement all the way from Missouri ! Fashionable, Trendy, Quality, Competively Priced – Stop in today for your 10% discount.

Reginald Munroe

The Bay International
Prince George Plaza
Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 356-3918