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The Bay International is still here in the Bahamas offering its customers exceptional quality and impeccable service. With over 30 years of retail experience in the Bahmas and New York, The Bay International is ready to serve you. We offer customized packages for you and your family. We provide you with the clothing that you need to experience the natural beauty of the Bahamas. Then we want you to check out all of the Islands of The Bahamas. Check out what the Bahamas has to offer:

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Come to The Bahamas and get married on the beach. The Bay International can offer you a customized wedding package. Bright, pastel linen attire perfect for your nuptials in the Bahamas. The Bay International wants to make you look great first and we guarantee the Bahamian feeling will naturally come pouring in. You should ask these guys about us:

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Come jump “over the broom” in The Bahamas on one of our beautiful, pristine beaches. Take a tour of our many islands and basked in the beauty of our people and natural environment. The Bay International provides the clothing – The Bahamas provides the perfect locale for your important event. Check us out today. Give us a call. Ask for Reggie – he will tell you all about it. The Bay International – You are going to love what we do for you !

Oh I almost forgot, we also offer a unique moble Spa experience at reduced rates through one of our affiliates, who brings the Spa / Salon experience to you for any occasion. Check it out . Enjoy !

Reginald Munroe
The Bay International
Prince George Plaza Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas

Tel: (242) 356-3918